Forensic Services

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Forensic Services
In PwC Forensic Services
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Forensic servicesThe Forensic Services department at PwC Spain provides specialised services in the prevention, detection and investigation of business and financial fraud. The department also acts as an independent expert in financial and IT-related lawsuits and disputes, both in and out of court. We are qualified to prepare and ratify expert witness testimony and we are experts in detecting and quantifying fraud, using the latest and most advanced technologies.

Our multidisciplinary team of professionals is specialised in economic, financial and accounting issues, has an in-depth understanding of the sector and includes information technology experts. Our team has the solid support of the international PwC network.

Our added value approach

Our work philosophy is based on providing high-quality services with the flexibility and practical, multidisciplinary focus required in these unique situations and by today’s business environment.

We stand out for the excellence, rigor, confidentiality and independence of our services and for the clear, robust and professional nature of our reports.

Our professionals have extensive experience in forensic audit, damage assessment and quantification, statistical and econometric models, compliance, the analysis of processes, controls and sector-based fraud risks, asset tracing and forensic analysis of systems. At PwC Forensic, we use the latest and most advanced computer forensic and data analytics technology to detect irregularities and fraudulent activity. Our specialised professionals work with sophisticated tools to manage digital and electronic evidence. We are also able to analyse and process large amounts of data in our own in-house forensics laboratory.

Our services

Fraud prevention, detection and investigation
Our aim: To prevent and detect fraud and to be well-prepared to investigate and fight it when it occurs, minimising financial and reputational damage and maximising the chances of recovering the losses incurred.

Expert witness – Expert witness reports
We can provide the most experienced team with the greatest industry knowledge and the technical ability to ratify reports in court.

Forensic technology
PwC Forensic has its own in-house IT forensic laboratory and a dedicated team of professionals specialised in computer forensics, combining specialised technical knowledge with extensive experience in forensic analysis, expert evidence and fraud investigations.

Intellectual property
At PwC Forensic, we advise you how to correctly manage your intellectual property, including issues linked to the management, protection and optimal use of these significant intangible assets.