Towards a model for intelligent growth

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If we ask ourselves in a few years, or perhaps a few decades, if Spain gained anything positive from the current economic recession, the answer we would like to hear at PwC is that it brought about a change in our production model, enabling us to leave behind an approach to growth based on quantity and price – which has proved to be obsolete – and transform it into a sustainable and competitive model. An intelligent model, based on innovation, quality, talent and value added, while at the same time respectful towards the environment and responsible towards the community.

The growth model we need in order to leave behind the practices of the past and successfully face up to the challenges of globalisation rests on:

Five basic pillars:


An approach which is open to innovation for current and future needs


Companies need to access new markets and be more competitive

Knowledge Economy 
Knowledge Economy

Growth and talent will enable us to do things better

Low-carbon economy 
Low-carbon economy

Responsible leadership to respond to the challenges of society

Updating of the AAPP 
Updating of the AAPP

Drivers and players in change in intelligent growth

Relevant report

Tax Trends - April 2014Tax Trends - April 2014

The report on the reform of the Spanish tax system is already before the Government. The report contains the main criteria that, according to the Commission of Experts, should define the tax reform which will enter into force in 2015.

EU countries are competing to offer the best tax treatment for the intangibles located in their jurisdictions. Download report.

La economía española en 2033Spain in the World in 2033: Four scenarios to act now 

In 2033, global geopolitical landscape will be radically different from today. 

Western powers have lost weight in favor of new regional-block economic and political character, which compete with each other and tend to protect their own markets and drive, time, direct investment flows.

This follows from Spain in the World report in 2033, prepared by PwC and the Center for Global Economy and Geopolitics ESADE (ESADEgeo). Download report.

La economía española en 2033Spanish Economy 2033: This report is encompassed in the collection 'Spain 2033', a series of documents that aim to anticipate the future to make decisions that will affect our tomorrow today. 2033 Spain is divided into 12 studios. Two of them are general, and the remaining ten focus on larger trends that will have direct impact on businesses.

The Spanish economy in 2033 is the first of these studies. Its aim is to project different scenarios GDP, employment and growth factors, based on a methodology similar to that used, among others, by the OECD in its report Long-Term Growth Scenarios. Download report.

Temas candentes de los emprendedoresHot topics for entrepreneurs: How to transform an innovative idea into a business that works

This paper stems from the contributions of a working group made ​​up of professionals and experts in entrepreneurship. Although it has been prepared by PwC, the report contains the valuable information and content raised and proven in a workshop held last June 2013.

A previous draft to final document was submitted before publication to the experts who participated in the debate. However, this does not mean that group members have to identify with the wording of the final document, even with the selection of topics identified as hot. Download report.

Spain: Will FutureSpain: Will Future. Download report.

Business Strength reportBusiness strength report. Download report.