Business advisory services

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Efficiency and effectiveness of key business processes
We help our clients to optimise their business processes and increase profits
Business advisory services

What we do

We help clients, companies and public and private entities to secure and maintain performance wins by reinforcing the efficiency and effectiveness of their key business processes throughout the company’s life cycle, driven by our industry-focused approach.

Our services

Governance, Risk & Compliance

  • Good governance and business ethics
    • Diagnosis and improvement of the Company’s corporate governance and definition of the strategy for the implementation of good corporate governance systems.
    • Analysis and management of corporate governance risks.
    • Benchmarking and identification of best practices.
    • Drawing up codes of conduct and values.
    • Business ethics programmes .
    • Verification of good corporate governance systems and procedures .
  • Corporate reputation management.
    • Identification, analysis and management of corporate reputation.
    • Analysis and management of interest groups.
    • Brand Risk Management: Brand risk analysis and management .
    • Development of strategies and management models of corporate reputation.
    • Value Reporting: Models for the Global Communication of the Company’s value.
    • Management crisis programmes.
  • Corporate social responsibility:
    • Designing strategies and Business Case for corporate social responsibility. Analysis of risks and opportunities within the scope of CSR.
    • Designing strategies and management models and relations with interest groups.
    • Benchmarking CSR and identification of best practices.
    • Valuation of the impact of CSR on the Company’s value. CSR communication and reporting strategies : design, preparation and verification of sustainability reports and corporate responsibility reports.
    • Responsible supply chain management.
  • Risk management and controls:
    • Development of internal risk management models covering the identification, quantification, evaluation, control and follow-up of the different aspects of the risk: market, credit, operational, business, etc.
    • Advice on the IT structure to support the risk management and control. Advice on integrated risk management: calculation and allocation of capital and risk-adjusted profitability measures.
    • Integration and adaptation of internal risk management models to BIS II requirements.
    • Design and establishment of integrated internal control systems under COSO.
    • Enterprise Wide Risk Management (EWRM): Design of integrated risk management models under COSO II.
    • Identification, evaluation and documentation of internal risk management models and reviews of the control framework, IT systems and security.
    • Methodologies and on-going risk and control self-assessment.
  • Legislative compliance:
    • Diagnosis and assessment of legislative compliance processes and systems Risk identification and risk mitigation programmes for legislative non-compliance. Design of systems and legislative compliance management models.
    • Programmes for optimising costs arising from compliance management.

IT Effectiveness

PwC has developed a methodology for the simultaneous analysis and management of six critical factors, facilitating the obtention of value on a continuous basis through the efficient use of IT, minimising the risks identified and managing the needs, determining factors and special characteristics of each company, as well as trends in and the critical success factors for the different sectors. This entails:

  • IT alignment
  • IT cost management
  • Project management
  • Services and supplier management
  • Selection and implementation of solutions

Financial Function Effectiveness

The aim is to support our clients in improving their performance management and economic-financial control, enhancing the efficiency of their back-office support process and optimising associated costs. Includes the following services:

  • Performance Management:
    • Identify the key drivers of value for the company and shareholders and develop planning frameworks, budgets and reports to incorporate relevant indicators.
    • Our management solutions envisage a reporting framework based on the global management of the company including risk and cost control.
    • We offer an innovative approach to the systemisation of solutions delivered leveraging the latest leading technologies.
    • We supply this service with the support of solutions such as the Balanced Scorecard, ABC cost systems, the design and implementation of management control systems.
  • Consolidation and corporate reporting:
    • Identify the barriers relating to inefficient and slow reporting that can have impact upon the market’s acceptance of the organisation.
    • Redesign, build and implement an adequate model, improving quality and control over reporting whilst at the same time significantly reducing the number of days required to report using our "SmartClose" methodology.
    • We also provide expert advice on the adoption of new standards, such as, XBRL.
    • Apart from the SmartClose and XBRL methodologies, inter alia, we use the quantitative and qualitative benchmarking information based on our Global Best Practices tool.
  • Cash and banks and working capital:
    • Improve cash flow forecasts, inter-company financing processes, treasury and cash strategies, operating procedures for reporting and treasury and cash risk management. We also offer control reviews as well as providing specialised treasury and cash support.
    • Additionally, we analyse and work on reducing the level of working capital of our clients.
  • Support processes:
    • Establish action procedures in the Economic-Financial areas, internal information flows and internal organisation that enhance the efficiency of the tasks carried out within the actual internal scope of action.
  • Back-Office:
    • Evaluate the costs and advantages of alternative processes and organisation models, including the preparation of business cases, management of risks relating to the creation of a shared services centre or outsourcing of certain functions.
    • We actively support our clients in the change management programme for the creation of a shared services centre or establishment of outsourcing/decentralisation solutions.

Process Improvement

Business process improvement includes:

  • Analysis, design and implementation of Client Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Improved transactions, especially business processes in general.
  • Project management (does not include the management of IT projects which figures under the item IT Management).
  • Quality, Business Excellence (EFQM model ) and Six Sigma.

Human Performance