Advisory services to business owners

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PwC advises Spanish family businesses, offering them services and products adapted to the special characteristics of these companies
Asesor financiero profesional

Every company, just like every family, is unique, irrespective of the sector in which it operates. PwC advises Spanish family businesses through its Family Business unit in which professionals from the business areas offer PwC services and products adapted to the special characteristics of these companies.

Our assurance services

"The first years ": training

  • Training in skills required for the supervision of non-family member directors.
  • Training and definition of the professional career of family and non-family member directors.

"The weekly pay": compensation

  • Total flexible compensation.
  • Flexible compensation plan.
  • Comparative remuneration studies (monetary, benefits and intangibles) among companies in the same sector and of the same size.
  • Variable remuneration systems.
  • Forms of alignment to the creation of value.

"How do I tell them?": communication

  • Design of the organisational structure.
  • Organisational development.
  • Definition of roles and codes of conduct .
  • Family Reputation projects.
  • Corporate culture.

"Do the accounts add up?": finance

  • Financial/net worth structure.
  • Analysis of value generation.
  • Real estate advice.
  • Dividends policy.
  • Periodic valuations.
  • Value reporting.

"Is there anyone out there?": professionalism

  • Design and advice.
  • Advice.
  • Search and selection of candidates.
  • Outsourcing- Support in the selection.

"Discovering worlds ": internationalisation

  • International structures.
  • Internationalisation assistance.
  • International mobility of directors.
  • Latin American Business Center-Europe.
  • Opportunities analysis.

"The family grows and grows": rightsizing

  • Corporate reorganisation.
  • Flotation.
  • Search for strategic shareholders .
  • Mergers and acquisitions.

"And now what ?: personal wealth

  • Diagnosis and reorganisation of family wealth.
  • On-going legal and tax advice.
  • Control and follow-up of the family wealth structure.
  • Analysis of the evolution and performance of the investment portfolio.
  • Administrative management .
  • Family Office financial/tax service.
  • Establishment of valuation criteria for the exchange of shares among family members, sale of shares to the company, incorporation of new shareholders.
  • Design of the shareholder remuneration policy.

"Making decisions": governance

  • Family protocols.
  • Definition and establishment of governing bodies.
  • Strategic advice.
  • Corporate risk management system (Risk maps).
  • Information systems for Management, Owner and Family.
  • Internal control system.
  • Advice on compliance with the Code on Good Corporate Governance.

"Intelligent growth ": innovation (R+D+i)

  • Design of the strategy.
  • Strategic advice.
  • Evaluation of projects and identification of aid programmes and tax benefits.
  • Obtaining costs, drawing up projects and managing aid.
  • Design of the internal organisation.

"Time for someone else to take over ": succession

  • Succession planning from a legal and tax perspective.
  • Advice on civil law.
  • Anticipated risk identification.
  • Follow-up strategies and handling of disputes.
  • Communication to the parties concerned / involved.
  • Planning.
  • Identification and management of opportunities after the change.