Iberia 125 report

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In the following interview Mari Luz Castilla, Director in Sustainability and Climate Change at PwC, discusses the key findings of this year’s Iberian 125 report with Diana Guzmán, Director of the Carbon Disclosure Project for South Europe.


The main conclusions reached after scoring the responses sent to the CDP in 2011 by 50 Spanish and Portuguese companies are:

  • Participation’s level of Spanish and Portuguese companies is increasing year by year. Despite the difficult economic context, four new companies have responded to the questionnaire in 2011.
  • 100% of the companies in the financial, industrial and electric sectors responded to the questionnaire in 2011.
  • Scores show the existence of leading companies in climate change, where 6 companies were rated over 85 Carbon Disclosure and Carbon Performance range of A or A-.
  • 96% (46) of companies have taken a step towards integrating climate change in their overall business strategy. This is a higher percentage than the Global 500 samples (90%) or Europe 300 (92%).
  • 52% (25) of companies have reduced their greenhouse gas emissions in the past year.
  • 71% (34) of the responding companies said they had been or were in process of obtaining verification of emissions from Scope 1 or 2.
  • 85% (41) of responding companies have identified at least one type of risk associated with climate change. Similarly, the percentage of firms that identify opportunities is 88% (42).