Capital Markets services

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Helping you gain value at every stage of your transaction
Helping you gain value at every stage of your transaction

More and more organisations today are looking to drive growth through transactions—whether through IPOs, mergers, acquisitions, spinoffs, carve-outs or balance sheet restructuring.

To convert your entity in a listed company can be extremely rewarding, but involves a time of intense pressure and great changes for your organization. Failure to make initial preparations could jeopardize the process even before the IPO has started. Fortunately, any transaction that you contemplate no matter the industry or country in which you operate, PwC is at your side to support and simplify the process in every step of the path.

Preparation, execution and support: Confidence for you, value for your organisation.

At PwC we offer you a multidisciplinary team, formed by top business consultants and legal/fiscal experts specialized by industry; a comprehensive approach that will help make a difference and meet each one of the actions from a totally global perspective.

We offer from advising with the strategy for an IPO, selecting the correct market, preparing the company for the capital markets, “IPO Readiness”, the investor relations function to other transactions and/or requirements related to companies already listed. At PwC we focus on the high quality of performance and value creation for your organization during the entire transaction and beyond it.

The presence of PwC worldwide, its extensive knowledge of capital markets and its extensive network of contacts provide key analysis and information adding value at each stage of your company´s operations.