IPO Readiness

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We help in preparing IPO of your company
We help in preparing IPO of your company

An IPO of your company can generate numerous benefits. However, before you start preparing for an IPO, you should clarify the strategic objectives.

Furthermore, you should determine to what extent is the company prepared for an IPO and what measures should be taken for it to be perceived favorable by potential investors. It should also consider steps to be followed to increase the value of the company and increase its capabilities of operating as a publicly traded company.

IPO Readiness is a structured way to analyze and assess the readiness of the company for its IPO, but also in attracting capital in diverse scenarios, such as through the addition of a partner, strategic partnership, or simply executing an exit strategy through a sale. Therefore, the process is structured to prepare the company in building trust and value that is required for a process of this nature. This service consists of a comprehensive assessment which will help identify those critical areas or tasks optimizing efforts, minimizing costs and maximizing the value of the company before the IPO or exit strategy.

The key areas when making a diagnosis are:

  • Financial reporting procedures and internal controls.
  • Corporate structure and tax considerations.
  • Valuation / Strategy / Investors.
  • Advice and trading on markets.
  • Financial Reporting / Risk Management.
  • History / due diligence.
  • Corporate Governance.
  • HR´s role and its responsibility within the organization.
  • Legal Entity / rationalization of the structure.
  • Investor Relations.
  • Project Management.

EThe result of the process will be a road map with practical recommendations that must be addressed in detail during the preparation process of the IPO of the company.


  • Allows identifying problems in the preliminary stages, avoiding last minute surprises.
  • Allows management with the opportunity to correct the unfavorable results.
  • Distributes the workload evenly to avoid potential bottlenecks.
  • Minimizes any interruptions in the activity of the company during the IPO process.
  • It helps accelerate the time of marketing the company through introducing it to the stock markets taking advantage of the windows of opportunity.
  • Increases the company's experience in the capital markets.
  • "IPO Readiness" contributes by adding value to the "sale" of the company to investment banks.
  • It allows the company not only to prove that it is prepared, but also shows the detail of the actions undertaken for the preparation of the IPO and become a publicly traded company.

Nonetheless, all these steps help to speed up the due diligence process for investment banks.