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Executing a successful IPO

For companies serious about going public – the time to prepare is now. Know more about our services and learn how we can help you.


Going public

Executing a successful IPO

How PwC can help

Going public is not a simple process, it requires time and financial resources. However, for many companies, the advantages of the IPO outweigh by far the disadvantages. Nonetheless, this procedure is not exempt from challenges.

Learn how we can help you

IPO Watch

Trends and analysis

IPO Watch

Analysis of global IPOs by industry, deals backed by venture capital and trends in the "IPO pipeline" including an analysis of the performance after the IPO. More about IPO Readiness.


World markets

Strategic Analysis

Which market?

How can you make your IPO a success? Understanding the differences as well as the advantages and disadvantages between the different world markets in order to determine the market that best meets the unique needs of the company represents a key aspect in the process of strategic analysis of the Public Offering (IPO).

Assessing which market to list on.


PwC reports

Capital markets in 2025

The economic growth and increasing financial sophistication of emerging markets means that competition between stock exchanges is intensifying.

Capital markets in 2025: The future of equity capital markets



PwC Capital Markets group

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