Auto industry solutions

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Active customer management

Are you exploiting the full potential of the after-sales market through knowledge of customers and a loyalty-building strategy?

The improvement of after-sales must focus on service, on customer care and, in short, on building a good reputation in order to gain loyal customers.

Customers must be the object of all improvements, innovation and progress. The industry must accept that it is time to think more of “service” rather than only of “product”, which is excellent but increasing less distinctive.

Advanced commercial management of the company customer

Have you segmented company customer profiles to help dealers achieve their commercial objectives in both sales and after-sales?

The profile of the sales force is changing in the contract hire and fleet channels, although further progress must be made. Their different nature requires more specialised profiles, greater professionalisation and in-depth knowledge of the channel and the target. These channels must be managed intelligently to make them profitable. The industry must adapt to a new environment or will lose opportunities, relevance or returns.

New communication channels

Are your brands and dealers prepared to provide customers with an excellent service by means of new technologies?

Communications must be effected through adequate channels. The expansion of web-based channels permits much more efficient communications, but controls must be in place to ensure the desired returns. The popularisation of smartphones allows a much more direct contact and a broad ranges of possibilities (online appointments, search for the nearest repair shop, etc.).

Resizing of the distribution network

What are the adequate steps to take to resize the network in line with market demands? What are the solutions for this possible resizing?

The auto industry has excess capacity. Sale volume in recent years caused disproportionate growth in the number and size of facilities. Due to the market slump, supply must be brought into line with a smaller and more exacting demand, as well as with other needs.

On the basis of the conclusions of our diagnosis, there are a number of solutions that ensure a win-win situation for the brand and dealers, including the refinancing of debt, lease-back of facilities, dealer mergers and acquisitions, etc.

Improvement in profitability and dealer management

Are your dealer networks professionalised in terms of financial management? Do your brands have real knowledge of the circumstances of their dealers and owner groups?

We analyse the results of dealer activities from a business viewpoint, based on the economic analysis. We provide support during the preparation of action plans and budgets, and during the implementation of an optimal management control model for the dealership activity.

Control panel/Reporting tools

Do the people responsible for managing brands or dealer groups use reporting tools that facilitate the ongoing analysis of the status of the network and the main business indicators?

Design and implementation of reporting tools for brand managers in order to facilitate knowledge of the network’s operational and economic status based on specific indicators.