Integrated Solutions for Technological Risks

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Information and communication technologies (ICTs) play a basic role in the  transformation of the economy and are a vital source of  competitiveness for a company.

Their implementation entails changes in companies that impact various organisational aspects ranging from the manner of production to interaction with customers.

ICTs currently have a large scale presence in companies that rely on information systems to enhance efficiency and productivity. For many companies, technology has become a tool to achieve their strategies while supporting information and technology are their most valuable assets.

Organisations have recognised the need to control the Technological Risks deriving from the use of ITCs from a regulatory, technical and business perspective, as this is a critical to the successful attainment of their objectives and survival.

In order to handle your queries, PricewaterhouseCoopers has a wide range of tailored solutions to address the principal problems/ concerns/ improvements arising in most companies where IT currently plays a basic role.

Soluciones integrales para riesgos tecnológicos

PwC has a Global Technological Risks Solutions Model which includes all the solutions that we offer: