Corporate reporting

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Foreseeing your clients’ needs
Corporate reporting

Corporate reporting is increasingly demanding, particularly due to new regulations and requirements.

Moreover, investors are increasingly expressing their wish not only to comply with regulatory rules but also to offer a transparent vision of the robustness and potential of a company. In this case, pressure is found when reporting on non-financial measures, helping investors to better judge corporate performance.

But how do we keep up to date with the latest corporate reporting novelties? PwC’s reports are the best guide to foreseeing stakeholders’ needs and keeping ahead of the competition.

Best practice

Committing to open communication with stakeholders as a whole does not necessarily mean that you are reporting correctly. In fact it is highly possible that these reports are separate from the global corporate strategy and therefore investors will inevitably express doubts concerning management quality and governability.

PwC can help you to report effectively, with a clear account and contextual information such that stakeholders understand your business and do not underestimate it.

We focus on the following areas:

  • Integrated report: information on all business areas, helping to identify needs clearly and enabling the business outlook to be correctly explained to all stakeholders.
  • Financial: financial statements and enabling regulations of the General Chart of Accounts.
  • Governability: the process through which companies are managed and controlled. It usually includes information on the make-up of the management board and its development, and accounting, auditing and shareholder relations.
  • Executive remuneration: long and short term.
  • Corporate responsibility: analysis of your footprint on people, customers, suppliers, society, the environment etc in order to deliver value added to stakeholders.
  • Descriptive reports: Important contextual non-financial information. These reports usually include data on your market position, strategy, performance and development possibilities.