Internal audit

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Internal audit should have a basic role to play in corporate governance, offering an independent audit that protects the client’s business from the possible risks to which it is exposed, in keeping with its strategic plan, and which improves its general performance. When an organisation does not attain an optimum result on an internal audit, its risk exposure increases further.

PwC specialists help clients to benefit from an internal audit that offers a greater return on their investment and service assurance.

Our strength lies in that, in addition to ensuring that our clients have access to our extensive expertise and knowledge of best practice as leading internal audit solution providers, they have the opportunity to work with real experts in their sector who know their industry and most significant exposures.

How can we help:

  • Analysing their positioning in relation to the internal audit benchmark.
  • Change transformation strategies.
  • Resource model advisory.
  • Co-sourcing / outsourcing services.
  • Improvement in quality, productivity and value of internal services.
  • Perfecting the methodology to improve audit outcomes.
  • Support in technological audit and its implementation.
  • Training plan development.

We contribute added value to our clients

A good internal audit is a way of creating value for the company since it entails sophisticated risk management and a commitment to mission, vision and stakeholder expectations. Thanks to this, needs may be foreseen, growing effectiveness, eliminating duplication and identifying potential areas for improvement.

Thanks to our global strength and powerful capabilities, we offer flexible and sophisticated solutions to address your needs.