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We make the complex seem simple thanks to our exclusive focus on auditing. Specialists in each key field of your business and sector work with you as part of the same team. In PwC you can find accounting experts working alongside the most diverse range of specialists in the market: in risks, capital markets, transactions, corporate governance, processes, business strategy and legal and tax specialists.

We lead the transformation of auditing and the future of financial information for our clients, which allows us to foresee the impact of national and international regulations and offer you the best practices in corporate reporting (such as integrated reporting). This, together with our extensive knowledge of each sector and their trends, and our ability to create dialogue with the regulatory bodies, puts us in the best position in order to assist you in overcoming the challenges that your company may face.

Anticipating and making safe decisions is the key for your company. For this reason, we have developed the only technology in the market which adapts the focus of auditing and its processes to be based on the dynamic evolution of risks, in order to offer you information that is simple, clear and reported on a real time basis.

We are a benchmark firm in all key markets for Spanish businesses and world-leaders in auditing. We are 184,000 professionals in 157 countries, all committed to offering quality services coordinated by a single Spanish firm with the ability for decision making, which guarantees our level of quality and assurance wherever our clients may be.

We help you to indentify and prepare information that is really valued in the different markets, given that we are the only firm with a specialized team in capital markets. This is a plus that allows you to access the best financing options for your business. 

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The audit of the future and the future of audit

A more immediate information, which goes beyond the financial aspects and to analyze risk management, key to the future of audit.

The path to integration

Analysis of the status of integrated reporting in IBEX 35 companies

Corporate reporting is in a permanent state of change with companies constantly striving to improve communication with stakeholders. One of the main ways of improving communication is through the integrated annual report.

We are objective in all aspects of our work

Auditors should be objective in all their work. In order to achieve this, a key factor is independence which should be expressed through how they think and how they look. PwC firms strengthen these principles through a combination of actions, including that the independence policy is managed by senior management, submitting independent enquiries for issues which call for value judgements, carrying out on-going training and requiring strict compliance with independence requirements.

High level of reliability and quality for our clients

All PwC’s actions aim to ensure that the Firm is the best professional services company and perceived as such by the markets that we choose, our clients and our people.

In keeping with this objective, PwC adopts a Quality Policy based on the following strategic principles:

  • Exceeding the client’s expectations.
  • Promoting the efficiency of human and technological resources to ensure the quality of the work and projects.
  • Ensuring the on-going improvement of all the company’s activities.
  • Preventive risk management.
  • Improving internal communication throughout the company.

By complying with these principles, engagements should be completed in accordance with the applicable contracts and standards, offering our clients a high level of service reliability and quality.

Some of the actions are:

  • Completion of projects by partners, directors and managers, managing client relations, quality of the work, timelines and related costs effectively using professional methodologies and to the highest quality standards.
  • Ensuring the correct functioning the quality system, in accordance with ISO 9001.
  • Managing human resources to have the best professionals, based on on-going training and development.
  • Managing the engagement risk and client pre-selection.

All employees are responsible for the quality of their work.

PwC management personally commits to complying with the Quality Policy, delegating the Quality System to the Quality Manager.

We build trust with our clients

PwC is a global and therefore complex organisation. But we believe that these characteristics are compatible with the transparency principle which we apply to what we do and how we do it. The aim is to build trust with all stakeholders and guarantee that the value of our professional services network is visible.

At PwC we constantly review our corporate practices to ensure that people understand the way we work.

Clarity and transparency are values which are increasingly appreciated by our clients, our professionals and society as a whole and our response is to better explain PwC’s structure and operational approach. This requires us to make a communications effort in areas as important as service quality, independence policy, corporate governance, business culture, remuneration setting methodology and risk control.

Moreover, the PwC firms encourage all professionals to act ethically and appropriately, particularly when they have to take difficult decisions.

All PwC member firms are aware of the significance of these criteria for the organisation as a whole and undertake to strictly oversee compliance. We understand that this is the best way of delivering the strength of our international network.

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