Supporting our clients

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Here are some examples of how we have supported and continue to support some of our clients:

Advice on the determination of accounting impacts on corporate and fiscal restructuring to align expectations with the final result.

  • Technical assistance and support in implementing the overall conversion to IFRS;
  • Assistance in the selection, design and implementation of global reporting tools to be used by groups for the preparation of consolidated financial information (such as accounting policy manuals, standard reporting formats ...);
  • Technical accounting support to assess the impact of the adoption of new standards;
  • Support for global standardization of technical accounting and reporting policies in multinational groups (including training of key personnel in each area, monitoring of implementations, its monitoring, ...);
  • Assistance in minimizing the differences arising from the implementation of different global accounting frameworks;
  • Advice and assistance in the design, selection and implementation of reporting structures for holding companies based in Spain;
  • Technical accounting support in preparing financial data related to a transaction of M&A and advice in the accounting implications of the structure of the proposed agreement.
  • Support on technical issues and application of the adoption of new fair value accounting standards;
  • Assistance in understanding and managing complex accounting issues and obligations arising from a carve-out;
  • Support, with our in-depth knowledge of reporting standards, in the design and implementation of an integrated framework of internal control over financial reporting (SCIIF);
  • Evaluation of the strategy and options regarding the future of the Spanish GAAP;
  • Assistance to companies in the implementation of U.S. GAAP and the technical implications related to the SEC;